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All the news from our restaurant in Palma

The Tasting Menu at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

FORN has always been known for its gastronomy deep rooted in creativity and culinary excellence. Having lunch or dinner at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is, more often than not, a sensory journey in which it’s impossible to pick just one of our dishes to try. This is why we want to give our […]

The desserts at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

There’s no better way to end the perfect lunch or dinner than with a sweet treat. And as we all know about gastronomy, a dessert is the final item we savour on our palate. Which is why at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca we make an extremely special emphasis on ending any special occasion […]

The new cocktail menu at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Reinvent yourself or become redundant. This is a concept which we have made our own and which perfectly reflects our philosophy. And not because we have renovated every square inch of our establishment, but because we always have it in mind when producing new creations. In this instance, it is our pleasure to present an […]

The new menu at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

The originality and contemporaneity of our dishes, as is obvious, require constant change and experimentation in their recipes. Which is why our executive chef has come together with our team of cooking professionals in order to create the new menu at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, which in continuation we will be presenting in […]

The exclusive offers of our FORN Addicts Club card

At FORN, our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, we promise to reward our most loyal customers. Which is why as of this year we have started a series of exclusive benefits for the members of the FORN Addicts Club. Being part of this unique family means that you can enjoy exclusive discounts such as enjoying […]

The new menu at FORN, our revamped restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

FORN is about to embark on an emotional and ambitious phase. After completely updating and changing the whole corporate image and the interior of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, we are proud to present our new menu. A high class gastronomic offer for this new era, will provide our clients with a higher quality […]

The new interior of our restaurant in Palma: FORN 3.0

FORN, restaurant in Palma, is part of the cities living history. The capital of Mallorca has a small corner between the narrow streets of the district of la Lonja from which, in the 19th century, a single bakery supplied bread and other baked good to the people of the area. In 1992 it underwent a […]

The new menu at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

The rejuvenation of Forn de Sant Joan, our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca, is finally complete. Following an all-round refurbishment of the buildings image, including everything from the branding to the interior design of each of its rooms, there was one fundamental element missing which is extremely important to us: the gastronomy. Which is why […]

Gift vouchers at our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is an epicentre of culture and gastronomy. Its strategic location in the Mediterranean means that it has soaked up dozens of cultures and integrated some of their charms in to its everyday life. Mallorcan gastronomy unites the best of the Mediterranean diet and the most intense flavours which surround it. At Forn de Sant […]

Our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is having a revamp

As some of you may already know, our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is currently closed. Behind our closed doors there’s a lot going on. Within the establishment we are creating what will be an all-round renovation which entails changes in our image, menu and our concept. Our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca will reopen […]

Magical settings and special events at our restaurant in Palma

We know that it can be difficult to find the perfect place to celebrate an event in Palma de Mallorca. There’s so many aspects to think about, as well as finding the perfect place to get together and celebrate your achievements, occasions and important events with the best gastronomy, it isn’t always easy. That is […]

The bronze award from TaPalma 2018 for our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

Yesterday the latest edition of TaPalma was held, this time with an impressive crowd of around 600 spectators at the Palacio de Congresos. The participants had to prepare their creations before the judges which was made up of important characters from the world of gastronomy, like Igor Rodriguez, the Spanish champion of ‘pinchos’ and tapas […]

Discover the three special menus at our restaurant in Palma

At Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, we trust in contemporary Mediterranean cooking. We want our guests to enjoy a gastronomic journey in a welcoming and comfortable setting. Each dish on our menu has been carefully put together by our experienced chefs and they take care of every last detail, which is why we […]

The secrets of our new menu at our restaurant in Palma

Innovation is essential for a contemporary restaurant with creative cuisine in Mallorca. The creativity and originality of our dishes is key in order to surprise diners day after day. As well as our daily menus we have our ambitious menu. In this article we will be telling you everything about our new winter menu at […]

Fusion cooking at our restaurant in Palma

At Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, we create gastronomic dishes using local seasonal produce from the La Lonja market. We have one key focus when we create each dish for our menus, and that is fusion cooking. In this article we will be explaining more about what fusion cooking is and how it […]

Discover the history of la Lonja and our restaurant in Palma

The privileged area of la Lonja of Palma is one of the most select and cosmopolitan areas of the city’s old town. Its eccentric streets offer a carefully put together gastronomic offer and pieces of the most important history of Mallorca. All of the main sights come together in the emblematic Lonja and in the […]

The sweet temptations at Forn de Sant Joan, our restaurant in Palma

Dessert is often the last mouthful which the dinner experiences. Its presentation, texture and flavor create the last memory of a gastronomic evening. The innovation and the variety ensure that the client feels at ease when choosing what they are going to finish off with, and the world of confectionary, has advanced much like the […]

Helen Lindes mentions our restaurant in Palma in Hola! Magazine

Helen Lindes, Spanish model and ex Miss Spain, has put in first place the Forn de Sant Joan, our restaurant in Palma, as one of the places to “ eat very well” in Mallorca  in her personal blog “Behind Green Eyes” in the magazine Hola!. The wife of Mallorcan basketball player Rudy Fernández has spent […]

Our restaurant in Palma, chosen as one of the best restaurants of the year

The magazine abcMallorca, which specialises in gastronomy and lifestyle in Mallorca, has launched their annual edition of “The 101 Top Restaurants Guide 2018”, a selection of the best restaurants of the year on the island. Amongst those named on the list you will find our restaurant in Palma Forn de Sant Joan, alongside our sister […]

The secrets of a Mediterranean diet at our restaurant in Palma

Culture and identity of a region are determined by many factors. Gastronomy plays an important role in the construction of a society. The food, the way in which it’s cooked and the eating habits are just as important as the literature, music and education of the country. For many years, it has been well known […]
Nuestro restaurante en Palma es el lugar perfecto para completar tu jornada de golf

Our restaurant in Palma is the perfect place to complement your golf day

Mallorca is a paradise for playing golf, not only for the quantity of high quality courses, but also for the ample offering of experiences available. The incredible gastronomic offer that the island has and its size allow you to enjoy this sport and a lunch or dinner at our restaurant in Palma all in the […]
restaurante en palma forn de sant joan menu

Restaurant in Palma – Weekly menu

Our proposal for the weekly menu varies in accordance to the seasonal products and the creations of the chef. As many of you already know, our gastronomic offer is based in market products with which we elaborate dishes that are all a culinary experience for your palate.   Weekly menu at our restaurant in Palma […]

Tasting menu at our restaurant in Palma

At Forn de Sant Joan this 2018 we are launching a tasting menu for you to savour at our restaurant in Palma. It is a selection of five dishes from our main menu, served in special portions and accompanied with carefully selected national wines.   Starters to awaken the senses We begin the menu with […]

Christmas Shopping and the lunch menu at our restaurant in Palma

The city of Palma has already switched on its Christmas lights. Each year around this time Christmas spirit is felt through the Mallorcan capital, and for many, now is perfect time to go and get you Christmas shopping done. Palma has a fantastic variety of shops and boutiques with the best national and international brands. […]

Exclusive Christmas menus for businesses at your restaurant in Palma

At Forn de Sant Joan, your restaurant in Palma, we propose two special menus to celebrate Christmas. These menus are exclusively for businesses, they have been created for those who are going to celebrate a unique day with their colleagues. End the year with fantastic flavours and savour our 2017 Christmas Menus. You can choose […]

New Year’s Eve menu at our restaurant in Palma

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with a gourmet menu at Forn de Sant Joan Say goodbye to 2017 with the best taste in your mouth at our restaurant in Palma. Forn de Sant Joan proposes a way to end the year with a menu that’s elaborated, thought out and designed for those exquisite palates. Truffle, urchin, […]

Discover what celebrities have visited our restaurant in Palma

Mallorca is an ideal place to live or visit. Its beaches that resemble paradise, its great all year round climate, the short distances to get around or the great gastronomy, are some of the points in favour of the Balearic Island. In 2015, ‘The Times’ newspaper chose Palma de Mallorca as the best place to […]

Feel the great atmosphere of La Lonja in the best restaurant in Palma

Situated in the old town of Palma, la Lonja is one of the prettiest districts of the Mallorcan city. La Lonja is an unmissable spot just as much for visitors to the island as for its locals. It is the perfect place to go at night. It is a district with a vast amount of […]

Experience the art and enjoy dinning at our restaurant in Palma

Here at Forn de Sant Joan we propose a museum and gallery route for art lovers. Palma has numerous museums and galleries that have authentic relics. These works exude talent and inspiration that are very pleasing to the eye. We will show you museums and galleries which are closest to our restaurant in Palma so […]

Walk through the historic centre close to our restaurant in Palma

What best characaterises Palma is its beaches and incredible landscapes. We at el Forn de Sant Joan invite you to take a walk through the historic centre of Palma. We propose a cultural route in which you can discover the true old town of the Mallorcan capital. Enter in to a beautiful labyrinth of medieval alleys that will […]

Forn de Sant Joan: Gastronomy with its own history

The Forn de Sant Joan Restaurant is located in La Lonja (the old fish market) in the historic centre of Palma. This emblematic place dating from the XIX century was formerly a bakery and was turned into a restaurant by its founder, Joan Baqués, in 1992. Recently refurbished by his children, FORN is the perfect […]