Sweet temptations at our restaurant in Palma | Forn de Sant Joan

The sweet temptations at Forn de Sant Joan, our restaurant in Palma


Dessert is often the last mouthful which the dinner experiences. Its presentation, texture and flavor create the last memory of a gastronomic evening. The innovation and the variety ensure that the client feels at ease when choosing what they are going to finish off with, and the world of confectionary, has advanced much like the contemporary culinary scene, perfecting itself and offering an ample selection of high level posibilities. At Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, we wat to present our sweet temptations, the desserts from our menu that will leave you wanting more.


Creative Mediterranean cuisine and unusual desserts at our restaurant in Palma

At Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, we enhance our creative Mediterranean cuisine and our tapas with a dessert menu that leaves everyone wanting more. After tasting your favourite dishes in one of our three different spaces, it’s time to open the menu of the last section of the evening. The first of the delights of these sweet temptations is presented in the form of cereal panna cotta with kikos ice cream and thyme honey, a perfect mixture between crunchy and soft and with a very interesting contrast. If you are one of those who loves to discover all the elements of a dish in a single bite, the strawberries filled with lightly caramelized Catalan cream are your perfect choice.


Chocolate and the contrasts of our desserts

We could not leave aside one of the indisputable confectionary protagonists: chocolate. Our chocolate mousse (70%) accompanied by dried vanilla meringues, vanilla ice cream and chocolate milk shake is an explosion of flavors and textures that is presented as a clear winner for chocolate lovers. If you opt for a classic cake, you will find one which we have completely turned around. In our menu you will discover a steamed vanilla sponge cake with macadamia mousse and white chocolate with yozu cream and yozu sorbet. The mixture between the citrus yozu and the sweetness of the vanilla or white chocolate will make your mouth explode full of flavours.




The creamiest desserts at our restaurant in Palma

In the final stretch of our dessert offering at our restaurant in Palma, you will find our offering of cream and all of its possibilities. The first option is a strawberry and rhubarb cream, a very versatile plant, along with rhubarb sorbet, confit cherries and gelatine made with hibiscus flower. On the other hand, we have a reconstruction of a classic: crema de Catalana foam with apple and cinnamon ice cream.


Reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma and let yourself be carried away by sweet temptations

The dessert offering at Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, has sweet temptations which are hard to escape. The caring innovation and modernism of classic confectionary and select dishes make the last mouthful of our clients, in effect, a complete success. If you would like to live this and many other gastornomic experiences, reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma and indulge yourself in each and everyone of the elements of our dishes. You wont regret it.