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Give someone an experience; a voucher for Forn de Sant Joan Restaurant in Palma


Any day is a good day to give someone a present. But forget about giving material objects, be original; at the end of the day, material things tend to fall into oblivion after a certain length of time. To the contrary, experiences are everlasting in our memory.

In the Forn de Sant Joan we believe in experiences; we believe that living special moments with a special person constitutes one of the most sincere gifts that exist. With this in mind, we suggest that you give someone one of our gift vouchers. We provide the place and the product and you choose either a la carte or our tasting menu.

We want to make it easy for you so we have designed gift vouchers with you in mind. The vouchers offer a unique experience with a tasting menu or a meal a la carte. All within our characteristic gourmet range based on fresh, seasonal products.

Our cuisine is based on our team using products in season to create carefully crafted dishes. Our gastronomy goes hand in hand with our philosophy: enjoying all the flavours and textures of good food.

To give this experience as a gift means you can enjoy a romantic dinner or a meal with friends either in a private dining room or in the main restaurant.


Four different areas, four different experiences

For those who haven’t yet visited the restaurant, we can tell you that there are four areas that are different yet simultaneous. Four different spaces to be enjoyed depending on the tastes and necessities of the client.

The Forn de Sant Joan has four different spaces, as a whole they form the perfect balance to enjoy every moment. The restaurants in Palma usually just have one single room where all the clients can taste their menus. But the Forn de Sant Joan is special, it’s unique, because one dispenses pure elegance, another one is small and intimate for special occasions, the one we call Sala Roja provides romance and last but not least the modern, plain Bar Lounge is perfect for an aperitif or an after dinner drink.

Any of the four areas would be a good choice for giving a surprise to the one you love with this fantastic experience. You could even visit more than one, which would make the perfect ending to a wonderful evening.


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Gift vouchers for your restaurant in Palma

If you decide to give an experience as a gift, we will be delighted to give you any information that you require when you contact us by email or phone. We will look at your necessities and match them to the best plan to make it possible for that special person to have a unique, different and original experience.

The Forn de Sant Joan will recommend you the absolute best.