Our restaurant in Palma is having a revamp | Forn de Sant Joan

Our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is having a revamp


As some of you may already know, our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is currently closed. Behind our closed doors there’s a lot going on. Within the establishment we are creating what will be an all-round renovation which entails changes in our image, menu and our concept. Our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca will reopen for service during the second trimester of 2019. We won’t disappoint.


Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca: New image, new menu and new concept

Our philosophy is to be the opposite of still. In every sense of the word. Which is why the renovation and refurbishment of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca is essential for us to continue offering the best fusion cuisine in Mallorca. We want to continue surprising our clients, which is why we want to multiply our gastronomic experience by offering much more than just a menu. The image and the concept of Forn de Sant Joan will also be modified in order to enter in to a 3.0 phase at full steam ahead.


A successful 2018 for our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

We want this transformation to take us a step forward towards being more relevant. The strength and contemporary feel of our restaurant in Palma de Mallorca will make us stand out from the rest. Our bronze award for the best Tapa TaPalma in the TaPalma 2018 for our “Niguiri de paella”, as well as the mentioning of our establishment in the list of the “101 Top Restaurants Guide 2018”, a selection of the best restaurants of the year on the island, inspires us to continue offering a high quality and excellent service in which we want to revolutionise the Mallorcan gastronomy scene.


Thank you and see you all soon!

All of this has been possible thanks to you. Which is why we want to have an all-round refurbishment to surprise you and all of your senses. It is going to be a challenge but we welcome it with a lot of hope for what is to come and we hope that you feel just as excited when you see it as we do whilst were creating it.

We will be back in the second trimester of 2019 with a new image and the same positive energy as always!