Make the most of la Lonja and of your restaurant in Palma | Forn de Sant Joan

Feel the great atmosphere of La Lonja in the best restaurant in Palma


Situated in the old town of Palma, la Lonja is one of the prettiest districts of the Mallorcan city. La Lonja is an unmissable spot just as much for visitors to the island as for its locals.

It is the perfect place to go at night. It is a district with a vast amount of bars, restaurants and a great variety of shops, which also form part of the vibrant social life of the city. If you want to have a calm and different type of night, this is your area. Enjoy a marvellous walk to the Forn de Sant Joan, the most popular restaurant in Palma and live the essence of la Lonja.


La Lonja: the best district to go out in at night

This district represents the heart of nightlife in Palma, at nightfall, la Lonja becomes full of life. Especially, on the calle Apuntadores, where the shops don’t sleep. This narrow street will marvel you with its ample selection of businesses it has on offer. You can find different jazz bars, live music and a welcoming and unique atmosphere. If you like a calmer and more elegant style of nightlife, you will fall in love with this district.


Art a few metres away from your restaurant in la Lonja

La Lonja is a work of gothic architecture. It was built between 1420 and 1452 by Guillem Sagrega. It is one of the prettiest civil buildings of Mallorca. Take a stroll through the pretty streets of the district and admire the architectural work which it gives its name to. It is an enjoyable walk on which you can take in the pure essence of the district. To finish off the route, at Forn de Sant Joan we will be waiting for you so that you can enjoy a spectacular evening.




Delicious gastronomic experience at Forn de Sant Joan

Forn de Sant Joan is one of the best restaurants that la Lonja has to offer and one of the most popular within the city. It has been established for more than 20 years and is very well known. After a nice walk through the narrow and pretty streets of the famous district, the best option is to go and have dinner at your favourite restaurant. You could enjoy the best Mediterranean dishes and tasty tapas in the emblematic Forn de Sant Joan.


Forn de Sant Joan: variety for all tastes

Our gastronomic offer is based in local products.  We have menus for groups. Also, each week there is a new menu which we upload on our blog. This menu will vary according to the season and the preferences of the chef. On our menu you will find some of the best tapas from tuna tartare, guacamole and Japanese salsa or Iberico ham croquettes to fuller dishes such as pastas, stuffed squid and meats.


Forn de Sant Joan: reserve in advance at our restaurant in Palma

As we have mentioned previously, our restaurant in Palma is one of the most popular in the city. The great gastronomy, the elegance and welcoming feel, stand out at Forn de Sant Joan. Reserve at our restaurant in Palma as soon as possible to ensure that you can spend a unique evening with us and enjoy to the maximum the Palmesan night. You won’t regret it!