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Christmas Shopping and the lunch menu at our restaurant in Palma


The city of Palma has already switched on its Christmas lights. Each year around this time Christmas spirit is felt through the Mallorcan capital, and for many, now is perfect time to go and get you Christmas shopping done.

Palma has a fantastic variety of shops and boutiques with the best national and international brands. The Jaimee III Avenue, the street of la Unió or the Born walkway are some of the locations where you can lose yourself in your shopping.

For those who are looking for alternative businesses to what we are mentioning, we suggest the typical and traditional Christmas markets which come to life during this time of year.

In the plaza de Cort of Palma a traditional Swedish market is set up, from the 13th of December from 5pm to 9pm you can enjoy the typical Swedish products. Or also there is the Christmas market of the Jaime III Avenue, where you can opt for handmade artisanal crafts.

Those who practice the art of ‘shopping’ will know that it’s thirsty work. So, after a long morning of shopping the best option is to savour delicious dishes. For those who enjoy something a little more gourmet we have a proposition that you can’t turn down: Forn de Sant Joan, the restaurant in Palma which will transport you to another dimension with exquisite flavours and new textures.




Weekly menu at our restaurant in Palma

Eating delicious healthy food is what we are all looking for when we go in search of a restaurant. But to find high quality products and dishes that are created at a good price, isn’t something that you find very often. That is why, we want to suggest Forn de Sant Joan, one of Palmas restaurants that offers a weekly menu with excellent

Palma is a city that has a vast amount of gastronomic offers, but not all restaurants are the same. The one which could be your favourite in Palma, creates a different menu each week according to the seasonal products available.


Make the most of eating at your restaurant in the district of La Lonja

The district of la Lonja, is considered to be one of the most attractive spots inside the historic centre of Palma, it’s very popular for its nightlife. Many choose to spend a fantastic evening in this area.

In la Lonja you will find the Forn de Sant Joan, near to all of the shops and markets which we have mentioned previously. Don’t wait any longer, select your menu, and book your table now at your restaurant in Palma.