Fusion cooking at our restaurant in Palma | Forn de Sant Joan

Fusion cooking at our restaurant in Palma


At Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma, we create gastronomic dishes using local seasonal produce from the La Lonja market. We have one key focus when we create each dish for our menus, and that is fusion cooking. In this article we will be explaining more about what fusion cooking is and how it has become our restaurants signature style.


The “Forn” at Forn de Sant Joan

In order to understand our concept of fusion cooking we must take a trip back in time and look at how our restaurant in Palma was created. The building in which you will find our stylish cocktail bar and restaurant dates back to the 14th century. Our establishment began as a traditional bakery in the district of La Lonja, offering freshly baked goods to the people of the area.The name of this bakery was “Forn de Sant Joan”, as the building is located on the street Carrer de Sant Joan. The “forn” part of our name simply means “oven” or “bakery” in Catalan. When we created the restaurant we wanted to keep some of the original elements of the bakery but with a modern cosmopolitan twist, we split it in to four separate sections, each offering a different dining experience. This is where our creative Mediterranean fusion cooking begins.


Defining fusion cuisine

At our Mediterranean restaurant in Palma we have chosen this style of cooking as our main focus as it creates a platform for us to fuse all of the bold ideas we have and harmonise them in to one dish. Fusion cooking began in the 1970’s and is the term used to describe the combination of many different forms of cooking and can be carried out in many different ways. Fusion cooking can also be regional, this is the combining of different cuisines of a region or sub-region. In this style of cooking foods can also be based on one culture but made using ingredients and flavours which belong to another culture. At Forn de Sant Joan we have chosen to channel Mediterranean cuisine, using the best local ingredients and produce we have available.


Innovative dishes with Mallorcan roots

We have created a menu with a fusion of cuisine styles and techniques which has elements which will have every diner wanting more. We create tapas, starters and main dishes using fresh produce that come together to complement each ingredient. Our gastronomic offering has dishes for every kind of diner, whether they be meat lovers or seafood connoisseurs and we even have vegetarian options for those who want to enjoy a meat free fusion dish. We wanted to create a dining experience that indulges our guests with every mouthful and take them on a journey of flavours and textures.


Experience fusion cooking at our restaurant in Palma

In this article we have only given you a small taste of the fusion cooking which we provide at Forn de Sant Joan, restaurant in Palma. If you want to experience fusion cooking amongst a friendly atmosphere with excellent service and welcoming furnishings then don’t wait any longer and reserve your table at our restaurant in Palma.