Golf in Mallorca nearby to our restaurant in Palma | Forn de Sant Joan

Our restaurant in Palma is the perfect place to complement your golf day

Nuestro restaurante en Palma es el lugar perfecto para completar tu jornada de golf

Mallorca is a paradise for playing golf, not only for the quantity of high quality courses, but also for the ample offering of experiences available. The incredible gastronomic offer that the island has and its size allow you to enjoy this sport and a lunch or dinner at our restaurant in Palma all in the same day, at the Forn de Sant Joan.

Mallorca has become a popular destination amongst golf lovers from all across Europe. Whether they be the high ranking professionals or amateurs they come for the quality of the courses and the climate which accompanies the island all year round. Another motive which has made this sport become even more popular in Mallorca is the amount of flight connections to key European cities.


Golf in the winter

Europe  can  seem  like  an  unlikely  place  to  practice  golf  in  winter,  the  current adverse climate surrounding the continent means that a large amount of courses are forced to close over the coldest winter months. However, there are some corners of Europe, like Mallorca, that allow you to enjoy golf every day of the year. We have around 300 days of sun and the average temperature in winter months is 15 degrees. Also, in these months the courses are less busy and you can get to know the area from a different perspective, close to and more integrated in to the local community.


Golf courses in Mallorca

There are many golf courses nearby to our restaurant in Palma and as we have previously mentioned, eating at Forn de Sant Joan is an option to consider to either begin or end your day with an exceptional gastronomic experience. In Mallorca there are a great number of courses, which are easily accessible, so there is no excuse to combine your favourite sport and a delicious meal in our restaurant in Palma.


End your day of golf at our restaurant in Palma

Either way, whether you have a lot or little experience playing golf, playing in Mallorca is something you can’t miss, it is a destination unlike no other to practice this sport all year round. To experience a full day, Forn de Sant Joan will be the perfect place to rebuild your strength or to end the day with a perfect evening.

If you manage to finish the island’s stunning courses, why not celebrate it! Reserve a table at our restaurant in Palma and live the Forn de Sant Joan experience.